Falcon Developmentss, also known as PT Elang Api Indonesia, is a new innovative property development company and the exclusive partner installer of b-panel in Lombok. Formed by a team of specialists - with more than 30 years experience in property development, sales and marketing, property consultancy, management and customer service - we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest standards available today.

In today's world, our home is our palace. Away from the stresses of everyday life, it is a space where we can relax. This is why at Falcon Developments we treat property development as a serious business. The value of a residential development is way more than what's reflected in its price point. Our properties are homes for our clients - and as such, their standard and quality must provide safety, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs; as these will have a huge impact for many years to come.

We are fully aware of the importance of property development in today's world and its impact on peoples' lives; at Falcon Developments, we do not compromise on the quality or standard of development, no matter what, because better...is not necessarily more expensive. Falcon Developments is not satisfied with what the property development industry is currently delivering and therefore we are constantly challenging the standard of property development in Indonesia. This is why our professional team has come together using b-panel as our innovative and exclusive building system.

At Falcon Developments, we offer our clients one-stop property development solutions, where all the services needed to achieve your dream property are provided right here and there is no need to go anywhere else.

Construction and Project Management

We deliver high quality construction for a very affordable price but, most of all we pride ourselves in being able to improve peoples' lifestyles by reducing their long term costs, as well as safe-guarding lives.

This is the reason why we have chosen b-panel as our exclusive construction system, as this is the only system available today that can deliver all of those qualities and benefits. At the same time, b-panel is flexible in how it can blend with other traditional building systems and materials.

Our projects are managed to the most efficient western standards; to ensure not only that deadlines are achieved, but that the quality of the structure and finishes are as promised, and guaranteed for longer than any other developer on the island.


Falcon Developments utilizes network potentialities, not only in the elaboration of complex projects but to also ensure the involvement of professionals proceeding from various disciplines, who are capable of adding unique value to the projects. That's why we employ a full team, from local to international architects, as well as engineers and professionals in different aspects in the field.

Falcon Developments is very well organized and will appoint a dedicated team to each project from start to completion. This way we can assure the time completion as well as the quality of the finished product.

The development of each project involves a step-by-step process in which each professional on the team is involved. We take pride in guaranteeing not only a unique concept and design, but something to be proud of for years to come.

Our team specializes in all kinds of projects and designs, from small local housing and private villas to apartments, top five-star hotels and major urban developments.

Interior Design

Our professional experience and technical knowledge means we create beautiful finished products suitable for their intended environment. We pride ourselves on not just producing but designing most of our own products.

Environments only stay beautiful over time if the products are well made and can withstand everyday wear and tear. Environmental factors have to be considered, which is why the location and weather in the area are very important.

Our production team varies from high tech manufacturers, to specialized artisans and craftsmen carrying on time honored traditions, or skills reinterpreted into a modern context.

We believe in offering the best possible value to our client's projects. Our quality control of each piece ensures the client receives what has been paid for and no less than that.

Sales & Marketing

Falcon Developments offers a service to their clients that no other construction company on the island offers. We include sales and marketing services for your property, whether on a freehold title or by lease with a short use and rental pool option to ensure rapid ROI to investors.

Clients don't like sales property agents as generally they don't develop the project and, after the sales are completed, their responsibility to the client ceases. We can take your property from development stage through to sale or lease, making Falcon Developments the ideal choice to market and sell properties developed by us.

By using different sources already established in this sector, as well as numerous communications and marketing tools, Falcon Developments will achieve sales targets on time, ensuring the smooth operation of this phase of the project.

Management after completion

Falcon Developments offers investors the option to acquire operators to manage the projects once the resort has been completed, if these are developed for commercial use. The Falcon Developments team has a good relationship with several national and international operators currently looking for project opportunities in Lombok.

This process is not a simple one and normally starts from the design stage, as the contracts from the operators are long-term and the operator wants to ensure that the design fits their brand and standards.

Having already achieved this successfully on several occasions, we can ensure the smooth process for the investor which will guarantee high ROI, a branded resort and a reputation that is second to none.

Assessments and Reports

We are proud to be a team of professionals experienced in all sectors of property development; as such we are able to produce different assessments and reports, such as feasibility studies, market research, market segment analysis, ocean tie report, ROI projections for investors and clients, concept assessment and more.

What is b-panel?

b-panel® building system is comprised of reinforced concrete panels, insulated with b-foam® Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer. This offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, superior earthquake resistance, as well as other benefits such as:

  • Superior insulation against heat and humidity
  • Acoustic barrier (STC 42 minimum)
  • Light-weight (±100-130 kg/m2 , FOR ALL WALL THICKNESSES)
  • Rigid - monolithic structure (all walls act as one unit), highly resistant against break-in and earthquake
  • Safe during fire - passed fire test at PUSLITBANGKIM, Cileunyi (120 minutes@10000C)
  • Cost saving
  • Rapid installation with modular cutting list system
  • Environmentally responsible

How does it work ?

Elegantly, the ultra-light b-foam® EPS functions as formwork for the reinforced concrete during plastering, negating the needs for expensive and time-consuming formwork. As part of its semi-prefab installation process, concrete is applied continuously, resulting a monolithic, extremely rigid, lightweight shell. Permanently buried within the reinforced concrete sandwich, the b-foam® EPS layer forms an exceptional thermal and acoustic barrier.

For more information about b-panel please follow this link: www.b-panel.co.id

Executive Summary

Falcon Developments is a dedicated property development and real estate solutions company with b-panel as our core product; offering an innovative, quake-resistant and energy-efficient building system.

Falcon Developments is the exclusive partner installer for b-panel in Lombok. With more than 60 projects to date for b-panel, covering sites in all of Indonesia's five major islands, multiple overseas projects in Malaysia, Timor Leste, and India, and exports as far as Peru, b-panel system has rapidly gained market acceptance.

b-panel is produced to fulfill the increasing demand for safer buildings in earthquake-prone areas, as well as for low-carbon footprint, environmentally friendly dwellings. In our genuine quest to be a significant contributor in solving climate change challenges, we take pride in ensuring an end-to-end, environmentally responsible production process for b-panel.

As Fire-Retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is chosen to be the insulation layer within b-panel, PT. Beton Elemenindo Putra (owners of b-panel) have become the only EPS manufacturer in Indonesia with a core focus in building technology, instead of packaging and decoration.

As such, they strive to develop next-generation applications for our b-foam EPS beyond its traditional usages, such as Geofoam solution and floating structures.

Falcon Developments has now acquired the exclusivity of this building system for Lombok, one the main islands in Indonesia with fast development growth potential, and we intend to make use of the b-panel success and experience in other areas to achieve an even higher popularity and success of the system here.

Company Summary

Falcon Developments is a full-service development company dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, high quality, safe materials, and long term benefits at a better price. We are proud to maintain a friendly and creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Falcon Developments comprises a full in-house team of professionals that have the experience in successfully setting up and operating development companies, with a strong background in construction as well as sales and marketing and customer service, for major international companies worldwide.

Although Falcon Developments is a relatively new company, we work in collaboration with major professionals such as Emiliano Armani (one of the top architects in Europe) and Omnitech Consultants (one of the top engineering companies in Perth).

More information about Falcon Developments and the team is available upon request.


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